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All Authorized Users must swipe in at the reception area before entering the pool based on Facility requirements. All Authorized Users must present their Access Cards to the pool attendant if requested. The Authorized User shall register their guests and shall be responsible for the payment of all appropriate charges. Failure to register or to pay guest fees may result in loss of pool privileges for the Authorized User. The Facility may require that Guests complete a guest registration card.

2. HOURS OF OPERATION           
2.1. The pool hours shall be established and published by the Manager and shall be subject to change depending on utilization of the pool facilities by the Authorized Users, weather conditions and other factors. There shall be absolutely no admission to the pool area and no swimming is allowed when the pools are closed. 
2.2. The pools and surrounding pool area will be closed during inclement weather. All users are responsible for their own safety in the pools and pool area during hazardous weather conditions. No storm warning systems are being utilized to protect individuals from lightning strikes or other dangerous weather conditions. Stay alert for changing weather patterns and take appropriate measures for your protection. Under no circumstances shall the Facility, the Owner, the Association, the Manager, and their owners, partners, officers, employees, representatives or agents, be held liable for failing to warn users of hazardous weather conditions or the need to vacate the pool area.
2.3. During peak hours (afternoons and weekends) the Facility may specify periods for adult swimming and as a rest period for children. No one under the age of sixteen (16) will be allowed in the main pool during this time.
2.4. The Facility reserves the right to set aside designated time during hours of normal pool operation for Facility sponsored special events or programs (such as swim team practices and competitions and water aerobics classes) in which all Authorized Users will be invited to participate either directly or as spectators (subject to availability of space and/or suitability of participant's fitness level) during which time use of a portion or allof the pool and/or surrounding pool area by non-participating Authorized Users may be restricted.  All such events will be publicized in a periodic newsletter of the Facility. In the event that a private function sponsored by an Authorized User is held at or around the pool) during normal pool operation hours, the private function may not restrict other Authorized Users from the use of the outdoor pool or 50% of the indoor pool.
3.1. Persons under the age of ten (10) and all minors who are unable to swim are not permitted in the swimming pool area unless accompanied by a parent, designated child care person or other Person eighteen (18) years of age or older who agrees to assume responsibility for the child’s safety and behavior, unless otherwise approved by the Manager.

3.2. Non-swimmers may use approved flotation devices, but must remain in the shallow end of the pool. No other flotation devices may be used in the main pool, unless approved by the Fitness Director or Director of Operations.

3.3. The Facility staff shall have the authority to enforce all rules and regulations and to supervise the general conduct of all Persons in the pool area. Facility staff shall have full authority to maintain order, reprimand, discipline, restrict and evict any individual not complying with the Rules and Regulations.

3.4. Showers are required before entering the pools.

3.5. Radios, televisions and similar electronic devices may be listened to only through the use of personal headphones.

3.6. Snorkels, fins, masks, kick boards, weights and inflatable devices are not permitted in the main pool unless permission is obtained from the Facility Management or their use is required for a class.

3.7. Glass bottles, drinking glasses, and sharp objects are not permitted in the pool area. 

3.8. Animals (with the exception of animals that are used for disability assistance or for other medically approved companionship), bicycles, wheelie shoes, and skateboards are restricted from being in or around the pool area and deck.

3.9. Running, wrestling, pushing, dunking, ball playing and noisy or other hazardous activity will not be permitted in the pool areas, including the locker rooms.

3.10. Lifesaving and pool cleaning equipment should be used only for the purposes intended.

3.11. If lifeguards are on duty at the pools, please do not talk to them unnecessarily; lifeguards should not be distracted.

3.12. Regardless of whether pool attendants and/or lifeguards are present, and regardless of whether pool use occurs during or outside of regular posted hours, all Persons using the pools or pool area shall be responsible for their own safety and shall be deemed to have assumed the risk of using the pools or pool area, and agree, by their presence in the pool area, that the Facility, the Owner and the Manager, and their members, owners, partners, officers, employees, representatives and agents shall not be held liable for any loss, injury, or death arising out of the use of the pools or pool area.

3.13. Smoking is not permitted in the pool area.


4.1. Persons are not permitted in the pools if they have a cold, cough, fever, infection of any kind, skin rash, inflamed eye(s), or are wearing bandages.

4.2. Persons with physical or neurological disabilities, or a responsible adult accompanying that Person, must advise the pool attendant of such conditions.


All Persons must wear suitable bathing attire while swimming; no cutoffs, jeans or shorts will be permitted.


6.1. Unaccompanied Guests of Authorized Users are not entitled to use the pool facilities.

6.2. Upon registration Guests are responsible for payment of the applicable guest fee. The Facility may require that Guests complete a guest registration card. All charges incurred by Guests, including, without limitation, food and beverage, and shop fees are required to be paid for at the time of service or purchase.

6.3. The Facility may limit the number of times a Guest may use the pool facilities to no more than ten (10) times per calendar year as a guest of any Authorized User.

6.4. Guest privileges may be limited during peak periods as determined in the sole discretion of the Facility.

6.5. All Guests must be accompanied by a host Authorized User.